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The “BIG” question – what does it cost?

What is this going to cost? You can afford it; in fact you can’t afford not to use a virtual paralegal! That’s because if you delegate effectively you’ll free up YOUR time, so you can focus on the activities that generate income for your practice.

My fees begin at $50 per hour depending on complexity/urgency. I typically bill in 6 minute increments, but am open to flat fee arrangements if suitable.

Please note that a virtual paralegal tracks time very carefully – you pay only for time truly worked. You do not pay for sick days, personal phone calls, bathroom breaks or for office chitchat. In fact, although I use an estimate below of 40 hours per month for a virtual paralegal, most of my clients only need 10-30 hours per month, as the amount of work that can be accomplished in that time frame is tremendous. I regularly hear from my clients how impressed they are with what can be done in relatively short periods of time.

If you still are not sure of the value, look at this comparison showing the difference between hiring a full-time employee versus contracting Halo Paralegal to provide virtual paralegal services.

Full Time Paralegal

$50,700 annual salary ($26/hr for 37.5 hours per week)

$15,210 cost of taxes, benefits, overhead (30% of salary)

$65,910 TOTAL (plus the “cost” of non-productive time, sick days, vacation etc.)

Halo Paralegal

$24,000 ($50/hr for 40 hours per month)

$0 (cost of taxes, benefits and overhead)

$24,000 TOTAL for time spent exactly as you require

The difference? $41,910!! That is money I am sure your practice could use elsewhere.

If you want to read more about virtual paralegal pricing I suggest you check out a couple of my blog posts on the topic – try here and here!

Why work with a virtual legal paralegal instead of in-house staff?

Well, first you may choose to work with both an in-house assistant AND a virtual paralegal – many of my clients do this! A virtual paralegal may be all you need or may be a perfect addition to your team; it all depends on your needs, workload and budget. Utilizing a virtual paralegal on your team, in whatever capacity, offers some serious benefits including saving you money, time and space. Most importantly, a virtual conveyancer will not be charging you for any non-productive time (ie. sick days, slow periods, personal phone calls, etc).

How do you deal with confidentiality and ethics concerns?

My experience in lawfirms means I am fully aware of the seriousness of confidentiality, ethics and conflict issues. I will take all steps necessary to protect client information and to prevent conflicts. See my privacy and ethics policy for more information.

Why should I work with Halo Paralegal?

Prior to starting my business, I worked as an in-house paralegal and legal assistant for over 10 years. I’ve been self-employed as a virtual paralegal since 2008. I know how to get a lot done, and in a reasonable amount of time. I work well under pressure and I am pretty easy to get along with. I know that with my skills, vision and sheer enjoyment of my work I can successfully provide your law practice with the assistance required to help it grow and prosper.

How do I get started?

The best way to reach me is by sending an email to laurie@haloparalegal.com. I check my email regularly each day. You can also reach me by phoning or text messaging 780-232-7905.

I look forward to hearing from you.