Laurie Mapp

Laurie Mapp

Owner/Virtual Paralegal

Laurie has a long history as an in-office legal assistant and paralegal. Soon after receiving her honours diploma in paralegal studies in 1993, she began her career working as legal secretary for a sole practitioner. She then worked as a legal assistant in a large lawfirm and finally as both a legal assistant and then paralegal for a governmental legal department. She has worked in various areas of law including family, civil litigation, real estate, estate planning, probate work and tax law. While on maternity leave after the birth of her third child (back in 2008), she began the process of opening a virtual paralegal/legal assistance practice, which is how Halo Secretarial Services was “born”.

A new chapter, *this* chapter, began in 2015 when Laurie made the decision to adjust her brand a little and more strongly highlight her expertise in paralegal services, rather than the more general “secretarial” services she had previously marketed. Thus we come to the present time and the introduction of Halo Paralegal.

On a personal note, Laurie is a mama to 3 wonderful and fast growing boys, and she shares her life with an amazing and and supportive husband. She has an office mate too, her loyal rescue dog, Poco.

Outside of work and family Laurie has many interests, including walking, reading, and even coaching soccer.

Get help with your legal practice

We each have only 24 hours in each day. *You* need to talk to your clients, go to court, review drafts, return emails, do research, answer calls from colleagues, keep up with the business finances and so much more. Every. Single. Day.

You also have people who you love and want to spend time with. You have hobbies and interests that require some of those precious daily hours. You have a home to take care of. You have your health to think of. Every. Single. Day.

How do you get it all done? If you are here checking out Halo Paralegal’s services, you probably aren’t getting it all done, and some things are falling to the wayside – often sleep and the personal stuff that you truly want to spend more time on.

BREATHE! You have found a solution. Halo Paralegal will give you a delegation point that can ease many of the work burdens and stresses so you can have more time. Every. Single. Day.

See the Services page for more detailed info on what is offered. See the FAQ page to get answers to questions you likely have. Then go straight to the Contact page and reach out and get that help that you need.

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Many hands make light work. -John Heywood